An Organic, Bohemian Tablescape Using Moss-Inspired Chargers

Winter is about over and spring is almost here! Spring is my favorite season of the year. Longer days and warmer weather mean more time outside gardening, taking long walks on the trail and grilling out with friends, family and neighbors. For me it is the time of year that I get obsessed with flowers and new design inspiration ideas for my wedding clients (and let's be honest my home decor in general). As a event designer, I love incorporating florals and greenery to create a unique, yet functional design. Whether you are planning a spring bridal shower or outdoor tented wedding reception, there are so many ways to add natural texture and color to your event design. So today, I thought I would share one of my favorite springtime design elements with you beautiful, soon-to-be brides! A spring-inspired tablescape using natural moss chargers! 

As I create a design, I love to incorporate a balance of elements that will provide contrast in color and texture, while pulling together the color scheme and style my bride and I are wanting to achieve. For this particular design, I wanted to incorporate natural textures with feminine design elements to achieve a rich, organic, bohemian style. Using moss as the material for the chargers provided a foundation for a natural and organic style. Its vibrant, green color and texture provided contrast to the dark wood of the table and ecru, ceramic plates. I choose this dark, exposed wooden table as the backdrop for this tablescape design for its rich, natural character. The floral garland and various smoke and muted pink glass votives softened the natural richness of the wood and moss while adding a feminine touch. As an overall design, each element balances out the other and adds its own character and texture. To achieve a more refined elegance, I would simply add an ivory tablecloth and napkins to complement the ceramic plates. This simple change would transform the style by removing the wood-grain texture and rich brown color, instead adding a crisp ivory background with subtle texture allowing the moss to evoke a vibrant contrast to the linens and plates. No matter which look you are after, these moss chargers add unique dimension and texture. I just love how these turned out and how easy they were to make.

DIY Moss Inspired Chargers || Petals & Lace Planning and Event Design

Here Is What You Need:

  • 2 SuperMoss InstaGreen Moss Mats (18" x 48"), which I found on Amazon & JoAnn Fabrics.
  • A tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • A circular object approximately 12" in diameter. You can use a charger plate or circular platter; just make sure it is at least 2" longer in diameter than the dinner plates you'll be using. 
DIY Moss Inspired Chargers || Petals & Lace Planning and Event Design

Here is what you do:

Step 1: Unroll the moss out onto a flat surface with the bottom facing up.

Step 2: Measure the moss mats and circular object to figure out how many chargers you can make with each mat. You may need more than two mats depending on the size and number of chargers you need.

Step 3: Trace the circular object on the mat for each charger you need while maximizing space as best you can.

Step 4: Carefully cut each circle out. Flip over and voila you have beautiful moss chargers.