Building a "Wedding Day Dream Team"

Holly & Michael Wedding Oxford

When I first meet with a bride and groom, I genuinely want to get know them- their style, where they're from, how they met each other. Maybe it's just me...but finding some common ground or knowing a little about one another always helps make a working relationship engaging! Six months ago I met Holly Larson at a local Starbucks, like I do with many of my potential clients. As we started talking and sipping on our coffee, we found out we actually had quite a bit in common. We both went to Ohio University for undergraduate. We share a common interest in nutrition and wellness and have experience as small business entrepreneurs. As we chatted more about her vision for a whimsical, homestead wedding in Oxford, my interest grew to excitement and before our meeting was over I was so on-board to be a part of her wedding dream team!

Holly and Michael's wedding dream team probably isn't who you'd think. And it is that aspect that I love most about their approach to their wedding. They didn't spurge on a fancy venue or hire their vendors from the top list on The Knot. Instead they asked their friends and family for recommendations and went with a do-it-yourself plan. Their wedding venue was their home in Oxford.  The ceremony was set-up in the backyard with vintage doors and candelabras rented from a local antique shop. Michael's suit & Holly's stunning dress from Nordstrom. The dining room chairs were lined up in the first row for parents to be seated and everyone else stood honorably as the happy couple exchanged vows. Holly and her bridesmaids carried beautiful green & white flowers designed and arranged by her close friend Jessica. As the newlyweds drove off to Conrad Formal Gardens with their photographer, Tracie Jean Photo, to capture these gorgeous shots, close family and friends mingled, enjoyed drinks and hummed to the music playlist queued up on the iPad. You could hear the proud laughter and love as guests commented on the home improvements and decor Holly & Michael had done to the house- truly making it their home. Meanwhile, a buffet of local barbecue and Graters ice cream was catered in and set-up in the dining room. The wedding party & guests feasted under a large white tent set-up in the front yard lit-up with string lights, fairy lights and flickering candles. After awhile the bartender, their good friend and local bar manager, brought champagne bottles out for the toasts. The reception was held in their large kitchen with more string lights and lit birch trees. It wasn't an over the top, expensive wedding but it was elegant, intimate and so uniquely Holly & Michaels. They were surrounded by their closest family and friends in their home on one of the happiest nights of their lives. 

Of course everyone's wedding vision, budget and circumstances is different. I'm not saying you have to host your own wedding to have a great wedding...not at all. The lesson here is to ask your friends and family for recommendations of who they've used in the past. Do you have a friend who does flowers or is great at making invitations? Perhaps you have a mutual friend who would be honored to be your officiant. The bottom line is you want to find people who you connect with and are going to invested emotionally in your big day! After all you are shelling out good money for this once in a lifetime celebration. For me, being inspired by your love story and wedding vision is what motivates me as a creative entrepreneur. That excitement and motivation allows me to take your ideas to the next level and make your wedding day go as planned while you enjoy yourself. Such a big part of having a successful wedding day is building a team of vendors who connect with you and build that trust from the very first conversation you have with them.