Cinematography | A Must-Have for the Modern Day Wedding

guest blog post written by:   Evan Rogers - filmmaker | photographer | traveler

My name is Evan Rogers and I am a cinematographer from Los Angeles. I have traveled nationwide for my work and even overseas to Italy. Wedding cinematography is one of my favorite forms of media - capturing the moving images of love in couple’s eyes, the smiles of their friend's and families' faces, as well as the littlest moments that would otherwise be forgotten. This experience for me is completely priceless, which is why I'm sharing why cinematography is a must-have for your wedding. I’ve been fortunate to have my work featured in corporate videos, advertising and even a film festival in which I took home Best Narrative Short Film in New York City. 

What is cinematography?

Cinematography is considered "the art of motion picture photography.” A cinematic wedding video created by a cinematographer is a concise highlight reel of the best moments of the day. It is easy to watch over and over again and it brings your memories to life.



Many videographers will create a lengthy documented video of the entire wedding day, whereas a cinematographer will give you an artistic impression of one of the most important milestones of your life in just 2-5 minutes. My highlight film gives an in-person glimpse from the bride getting ready, capturing her dad seeing her in her dress to the happy tears during the vows and the funny moments that made your day uniquely yours. I also love to highlight all the important details of your wedding day including things like a donut bar, food trucks, and the epic sparkler exit at the end of the night. All these details are absolutely important for me to include.

Will hiring a cinematographer break my budget?

Typically, cinematography comprises five percent of the wedding budget, similar to what you'll spend on a wedding photographer. I believe in making it easy for the bride and groom by providing a reasonable price with no compromise in the quality of work. I charge about $1000 without airfare included, which is fair considering the filming and editing that takes place. I take pride in my work and make sure I give my clients the quality they deserve.

Will I regret not hiring a cinematographer for my wedding day?

Yes, I believe so. I’ve talked with many couples who have had a wonderful ceremony and reception and ended up wishing they had something more solid than still-shot photographs to aid in recalling the ambiance, emotions, and joyful times shared.  My own parents have even admitted to this! 

What to consider when hiring a cinematographer?

Think about your wedding vision and the specific things you would like to highlight throughout the day. Watch other couple's wedding videos (I’ve included some of my own) to brainstorm your “must haves" and get ideas for anything else you would like included. That makes things nice and clear for the cinematographer to capture. I have always benefitted from more details than less.

How do I go about contacting Evan Rogers for more information?

I would love to be apart of your wedding day and I hope we can work together on bringing it to life!

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